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Weeks Prior to Trip


  • Research and set-up hotel/camping accommodations,  if applicable.
  •  Talk to your doctor about prescription strength  sea-sickness medicines if you have a tendency to get sea sick. Or use over the counter remedies such as: Dramamine, acupressure bracelets, ginger candies, etc. Up to 12 hours offshore in a boat is a LONG TIME to be feeling crummy!
  • Obtain a Washington State saltwater fishing license (they do have one day charter licenses if that is a better option for you). You can learn more about Washington State fishing licenses at

3 Days Prior to Your Trip


  • We will make any weather reschedules/cancellations 3 days prior to your trip if at all possible. Some weather issues approach faster than anticipated, so sudden weather changes do occur.
  • You will have received an email letting you know of marina location and time of departure on your scheduled trip.

Day of Trip

  • Bring valid Washington state saltwater fishing license. If you are fishing HALIBUT, you will need a halibut punch card.
  • Bring snacks/lunch and drinks for your party. These need to be packed in a small bag or lunch box. Please no glass containers or large coolers on the boat.
  • Wear rain gear, including-rain pants, and non-skid rain boots.
  • Bring a cooler that you can transport your fish home. Keep the large cooler in your vehicle while we are out fishing.
  • Let us know if you have any medical conditions we should be aware of. We will try to accommodate.
  • MEET AT TOP OF DOCK by Alpha Angler Charter sign. The dock number and meeting time will be emailed to you prior to your trip.