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Tuna in Westport

We have moved our boat to Westport to finish out the 2018 tuna season. There is still no live bait tuna in Ilwaco and we wanted to give our clients as much notice as possible to adjust their plans accordingly.Fishing has been...

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Waiting on live bait!

We still don't have live bait in Ilwaco marina! Our first trips of the season are later in the year this year for this reason!! While we wait for bait in the Ilwaco marina, John is in Westport fishing with an amazing group of combat injured veterans...hoping to catch...

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New YouTube video

We have a new video up on YouTube. We will be posting many more videos this year on YouTube. This video was originally created to be used in a seminar I held at Sportsman's Warehouse. We are looking forward to more videos this year with more species of fish!

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