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Halibut Season update for May

We started our halibut season with a family and friends trip.The opener just happened to fall on our daughter's 9th birthday! We limited in halibut pretty quick, got some lingcod and some canary rockfish! The kids even got a work out in reeling in their fish (thank...

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Easy Rockfish limits

Well, the Alpha took out some gals from the Facebook group Women's Fishing and Outdoors this weekend! They booked the boat for 2 days. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for Saturday, but we were able to make 2 runs out on Friday for easy rockfish limits for the...

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Washington Tuna Classic

Last summer I put together an all veteran tournament team for the Washington Tuna Classic. I looked at it as a way to get some vets out on the water and give them a chance to be competitive. I was shocked when we took 14th overall. Over the winter I thought about the...

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