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La Push and Westport, WA

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Fishing Charters

La Push

In La Push, we fish out of one of the most beautiful places on the Pacific Coast. About 20 minutes to Forks, WA and about an hour and a half to Port Angeles.


 Our halibut days are spent about 30 miles from port on some of the best halibut grounds in the Northwest! These grounds offer easy limits. After halibut limits are obtained, we target trophy lingcod before returning to port.

  • $450/angler including deposit
  • 6 angler maximum with 4 anglers fishing at a time
  • Limit 1 halibut/angler
  • Once halibut limit is obtained, we typically target trophy lingcod
  • Typical time frame: May and June pending quota
  • $2,400 Private Boat Price

Offshore Lingcod

We travel over 30 miles offshore to target lingcod in 600-900 feet deep water at the edge of the canyons. We gently turn loose many fish before we find you your trophy lingcod. This trip has our highest number of returning clients!

  • $300/angler including deposit weekend rates
  • Call about weekday specials!
  • Maximum 6 anglers
  • Minimum 4 anglers
  • Limit 2 lingcod/angler
  • Offshore lingcod average 20-30 pounds with some scaling over 40!
  • Typical time frame: April-end of May
  • Private boat price $1650

Rockfish Combo

We offer a one of a kind light tackle rockfish trip. We use traditional fresh water bass fishing techniques to target these fish on the surface with light spinning rods and baitcasters. On these trips, we target delicious black rockfish/seabass but often times we have by-catch of lingcod, cabezon, and other bottom fish. This is our most family friendly trip. It is often fast paced with lots of excitement! Also a great trip for those who are not ready to go offshore!

  • $180/angler including deposit
  • Maximum 6 anglers
  • Maximum 7 rockfish and 2 lingcod/angler
  • Typical time frame: April-June
  • Private boat price $1000


In Westport, we offer live bait fishing for albacore tuna and also troll for beautiful ocean salmon. Close to Aberdeen, Grayland, and Tokeland.

Albacore Tuna

One day “go fast” tuna trip. We use many techniques to catch these fish: trolling, jigging, casting swimbaits, and my personal favorite-live bait! Once we locate a school of tuna, we brail bait to start a feeding frenzy. After the school is feeding they will take your bait right off the surface! If we get into the right school, we will even allow you to try jackpoling tuna into the boat!

  • $425/angler including deposit
  • Call about weekday specials!
  • 5 person minimum
  • 6 person maximum
  • Live bait
  • Typical time frame: July-October
  • We offer open boat trips or private boat charters. Boat price is $2,400.


On our salmon trips, we troll either with divers or with downriggers just off the coast.

  • $200/person, including deposit
  • Typical time frame: July-August

Olympic Peninsula Guided River Trips

The Olympic Peninsula has several breathtaking rivers with some of the best salmon and steelhead fishing in Washington! We offer drift boat trips.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers

Enjoy the majestic Olympic Peninsula scenery while targeting some of the best river fishing in Washington State.

  • $350/angler or $400 for the boat, including deposit
  • 2 angler maximum


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