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We started our halibut season with a family and friends trip.The opener just happened to fall on our daughter’s 9th birthday! We limited in halibut pretty quick, got some lingcod and some canary rockfish! The kids even got a work out in reeling in their fish (thank goodness for rod holders).

Our May 4th crew has been fishing with us every year and are a lot of fun! We saw a huge pod of porpoises. They booked two back-to-back days with us. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow us out on one of the days so we got our halibut and lings and headed inshore for some rockfish! Limited the boat with black rockfish and headed in!

We had a mixed party group for May 9th and 11th halibut days. We had a hard time finding the lingcod this week, but the halibut cooperated nicely. We got a nice sized halibut on the 11th!

On the May 17th halibut opener, we fished with another one of our groups that fish with us every year. They also booked 2 days but the offshore weather didn’t cooperate for their rockfish day. The offshore weather was gnarly but we managed to get our halibut and head inshore for some inshore rockfish!

Here are some pictures from our 2019 halibut season in La Push so far!

canary rockfishcanary rockfishlingcod